Our Team

Rehman Syed Arif

Chief Executive Officer

He is an experienced and seasoned professional in Information Technology with 25+ years of professional experiences. He had worked as System Operator – IT Operations, AVP – Head of IT Infrastructure & Networking, Manager and Head of IT Infrastructure & Operations. As Chief Executive Officer of CryptoShot, Mr. Arif possesses superior interpersonal and analytical expertise with a flair and desire for increasing organizational achievements and profitability through leadership and problem-solving skills which help CryptoShot become successful within Canadian markets.

Moiz Singapurwala

Chief Technology Officer

He is an accomplished banking executive with 5+ years of experience in Financial Audits and 17+ years’ experience in Internal and Information Systems Audit. He has developed a niche in IT Transformation Program and IT Project governance . His profile requires him to be on top of emerging technologies including blockchain and ensure appropriate controls in place to support usage of best in class IT systems. As Chief Technology Officer of CryptoShot  Mr. Singapurwala will lead the company’s technology department to ensure constant research and development in CryptoShot’s products, which will ensure the company maintains a competitive edge within Canada.

Jui Atrish Jani

Chief User Experience Officer

She is a Certified Interior Designer and Marketing Executive. She had worked as Interior Design Assistant, Assistant Art Director, Interior Designer, Interior Designer/Partner and Marketing Head. Mrs. Jani is capable of thriving in a highly creative and collaborative team environment, which will prove useful for CryptoShot’s success. As Chief User Experience Officer of CryptoShot, Mrs. Jani will be responsible for the Company’s overall experience and interactions with customers, to ensure the Company is capable to deliver differentiated brand experiences that build customer loyalty and advocacy within Canadian markets.

Inderjit Singh Minhas

Chief Marketing Officer

He is an entrepreneurial IT professional and business owner with over 15 years of experience in export – import, foreign trade, marketing, business management, sales—purchase, warehousing, logistics, finance, and manufacturing/production. He had worked as Sole Proprietor and Director. As Chief Marketing Officer of CryptoShot, Mr. Minhas will be responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and monitoring the overall business marketing strategy which will be vital for customer outreach and growth within Canada.

Nitin Damjibhai Gala

Chief Commercial Officer

He is an entrepreneurial business owner with more than 21 years of experience who is highly motivated and focused. He had worked as Proprietor and Director. As Chief Commercial Officer of CryptoShot, Mr. Gala will leverage his skills and knowledge of running a business to oversee the development and commercial strategies of the Company and ensure its success within Canada.

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